Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thoughts on Trust

Today is a special day in our home.
Our sweet Karissa is 1 year old! :-O

Hard to think that 365 days ago I was wondering what in the world it was this time, not realizing that "it" was labor! LOL 

As I have been reflecting on her birth and the Hand of the Lord in her arrival I have been thinking of
I worry when it comes close to delivery time for our little ones.  I get anxious about the when and where and "how are we going to get there in time."  All this is needless concern of course!  It just so happened that I had my chosen sitter coming over anyway that day, so I could practice worship with her sister; my Honey was here for the process of indecision ;) and we actually made it to the hospital in time!  Sure it was a nerve wracking ride, but it could've been a little less stressful if I didn't fight going so hard!
As I look back, I always see God's provision...
and not only in my experiences, but in the experiences of others too.  

A friend of mine recently had her little son via emergency C-section, but God paved the way for it so completely!  First, her parents "happened" to be stopping by right at the time they found out she was hemorrhaging; then, no one was in the triage at our hospital, which is highly unusual!  There was no wait for a doctor or surgery room, no time was lost anywhere, and within 10 minutes of arriving, they were already in the process of the surgery!

Maybe this is why God puts such emphasis on remembering in the Old Testament.  I think remembering these things helps me to trust more... but when I forget! :/  I can be consumed in "What if " and "but what about when" and other such needless worries! 
just trust.

God has always shown His path is best; I should rest in the trust He has proven to me over and over, even if it looks wrong to me.  
Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I can know God is able and will take care of and save me (the situation, the person I'm worried about, etc.) And if not... still know His plan and will are perfect.

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