Monday, November 14, 2011

Funny things from today

We had the opportunity to visit a Rescue Dog Boarding Kennel today.  While there, they passed out some dog treats to the kids, so they could be friendly.... Brianna (3 years old) gets 3 dog cookies in her hand....and... Takes a bite! LOL I didn't realize she misunderstood until she was spitting and spitting it out! LOL :)
She also stuffed one back pocket on her little jeans FULL of the pea gravel and rocks they have there.  Mementos? ;)  I told her she had to take them out, so one at a time she starts to pull them out, seeing this will take awhile I start to help with a one finger scoop method... this will take a bit too, so I lift her, give her a 90 degree turn and let gravity assist ;)

No comes the "laugh-with-me-because-only-crazy-people laugh alone" story.
Our local Cinemark/IMAX is hosting a Special Needs friendly showing soon.  They plan on making it friendly for the sensory issues many Special Needs kids have.  I shared it on my facebook page, but then I saw a stranger with a cutie pie little boy who has Downs while I was doing my Costco shopping...
I think "I have to tell her (cutie pie's mom I assume) about the movie!!"  Then I think, "you'll seem like a freak!"  So I go to do it and (I kid not!) Said "Excuse me ma'am, I'm not a freak.  I'm Monica.  I saw your little guys and wanted to tell you about this Special Needs Day the Movies is having......"

Yup.  I introduced myself as "I'm not a freak.  I'm Monica." LOL LOL
I couldn't believe the words were out before the self edit kicked in!
She took it well, and in the end thanked me for sharing the info.
But OH!  I will get no end of laughing at that! At least until the next rogue odd statement gushes forth without my brain! LOL

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