Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conversations at our house...

It's been awhile since I posted the fun/odd conversations that sometimes transpire around here...

(Background info. I sometimes tease I'm the 24 hour dairy, or my mom teases that I'm a Jersey cow since my milk supply is so abundant... so ~all in fun~ I joke at times about being a cow)

As we were making and eating lunch the other day, Ysa (12) asks who wants milk.
After explaining all the kids could have milk, except Karissa, I had her covered...

Ysa: "Mom, I meant this kind of milk... cow's milk."
Me: "Mooo"
Ysa: "Mom!  You're probably smarter than a cow!"
Me:  "Probably?!?"
Ysa: "Well, I don't know how smart a cow is."

Aliyah(5) and Nathaniel(7 3/4) talking this morning about their "kids" in their "lands." (Do your kids have their own imaginary lands too?)
Aliyah: "Danny has really been disobedient lately."
Nathaniel: "Well, all I have left at home is one little girl and my little Josh." *sighs* "All the others are grown now.  They really all grow up too fast!  like Ysa."

Conversation with Honey.
Me:  "Karissa is really smart!  I mean *really* smart!  You can just see it in her eyes... and how she figures things out...
And I ought to know... I do already have 5 geniuses!" ;)

(Aren't just about everybody's kids geniuses?)

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