Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On to the next thing

Sooooo when does the break come?
We have been very busy lately, and just when I thought we were past a couple of hurdles, I was given more to jump, and they're closer together! **sigh**
This is probably tiredness talking, partly.

I was able to see the Lord's hand moving very well today, like glasses were placed on my spirit.
Sunday even was full of trials, and Monday was full of stress and trying to take care of what all Sunday brought. Tuesday started in a flurry and half way through the day I got to glimpse a little bit of what the Lord has planned for this trial. It is always for our good and His Glory! He is Soooooooooo Good!
Shortly thereafter, I got marching orders for the next thing.

Thankfully He let me see how He always provides before the new marching orders! I can rest a lot better tonight... fresh in my mind is the unrelenting care of the Father.

Good night.

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mommyofmany said...

God is so good like that!!!