Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I keep thinking of changing things. Lots of things, I guess, but around here (my blogger) especially.

For Example, I started a blog here in Beta for WebMD. I was one of a group they asked to try our hand at blogging to see if it was worth them allowing every member a blog. They, of course, wanted us to relate our own medical issues to our blog, so I chose the name "Medical Mysteries of Monica" for that purpose. It seemed fitting at the time, since we had absolutely no idea why I sometimes do really weird things (not refering to mopping the ceiling or washing the folding chairs... the other weird medical things) and all that we hear from Drs is "I dunno."
Now we have been out of Beta and WebMD for over 2 years, and I've never changed the really weird name I chose!
I have been reading other's blogs whose title and theme seem so much more..... uh... normal? Spiritual or encouraging. I haven't come up with anything especially brilliant yet, so the name remains.

Thought about changing the template a little, but my older version is missing some of the button thingys that allow the changes I want.

And then there's that part of me that's wondering why it matters!?! How much time do I really think I have to spend? Is it honestly a good plan to be up after midnight every day?


The Heflebower's said...

Sounds like "blog nesting" to me...:)

Monica said...

I guess nesting has to occur somewhere.