Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The heart of God

Disclaimer: I'm not assuming to speak in God's place. Just sharing what was on my heart.

It has been on my heart to teach my children to recognize their emotions as a gift from God. He gave us joy. He gave us the outlet of tears. He gave us anger. He gives us peace. We are to use our emotions and all His gifts to us to His glory.

So "be angry and sin not." Not 'do not be angry.'
We read today of Saul's first battle, in 1st Samuel. "Then the Spirit of God came upon Saul when he heard this news, and his anger was greatly aroused."
Later we read of David, and Jesus having righteous anger. The key word being righteous, as well as not sinning in this anger.

Of course, there are other emotions to cover.

I have mentioned my friend going through a tough time, another friend is grieving the loss of her father. With them, something in me cries. Sometimes, all of me cries. I often chasten myself for being nosy and too involved in others business, but I do truly feel the pain. Certainly not what they feel, but my heart aches for theirs.
It occurred to me today, that God has that too. **Probably not the nosy, busy body feeling. ;-)** He has compassion on us and comforts us in our hurting. Why in the world did Jesus cry at Lazarus' tomb, when He knew he would be raised in a short time!?! Because He felt for Martha and Mary, in their distress and anguish.

We can share in others joy! The wonderful announcement of another life born. Created for an eternity of glory with God, and yet such a small being, spinning on a ball in a vast universe! Awe inspiring and joyful! And I have never even met them. I read her blog yesterday for the first time, but God knows intimately their goings out and their comings in.

To me all of this culminates as an inspiration of who God is. Who created everything from nothing! He created things majestic and microscopic, things beautiful and curious. He created us in His image, so some of our traits are His. We are Body, Mind and Soul, He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are in all of our body at one time, yet not one part of our body can be defined as containing all of us. My hand is my hand, but I am not my hand. God is present everywhere, all the time, yet no place can contain Him, that we can say 'here is God.'
Our emotions, I believe, we share with God. He is "a jealous God." "He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger (but He does get angry) and abounding in love." He is merciful, and forgiving.
I could be wrong. However, I think that the Lord has been teaching my heart to use the emotions He gave me to Bless the Lord and those He has placed in my life.

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