Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shocking Revelation

Not really.
But it felt like it!

The other night, as I was contemplating life and which kung fu position Brianna was in this second..... I came to the startling realization that pregnancy ends! :-O
I know, you're thinking, Wow! She really is nuts!
But this is more of the 'reality sets in' than the superficial knowledge.
Sure I knew, but now it was like the ticking time bomb got to the final count and you realize.... this will happen... SOON!

5 weeks to EDD and she may come sooner or later than that.

Another funny note...
the nurse practitioner, who I saw today, asked (paraphrased quote)
"I feel funny asking you this, but
do you know the signs of labor?"
Still rollin on that one!

What do you say to that.
um. no?
I've only gone through it 4 times; Bradley Style 3 times, and the first time (I had no clue,) so we didn't do anything truely helpful.

I told her the truth, joking aside.
I know them, but I often sleep through stage one and wake up in transition wondering if it is labor or not.

We go fast, so I'm gonna have to watch closely, esp. since I may be another 10 to 15 minutes farther from the delivery area this time!

Maybe Ysa and I should add Home Delivery 101 to our school plan for the next few weeks?!?

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