Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So there I was in the Congo..................

Ever had someone tell you something almost meaningless in course of a real conversation?

This weekend it so happened that we were moving some more of our nonessentials out to our new home, which happens to belong to my hubby's parents. We were discussing some things about the house we'd need to learn, and they are things specific to the water filtration system and well pump and softener system, etc. I don't mind being taught these things, I've even asked.
Somehow in the middle of all of this, mom says that they have a BIG concern..... since we don't currently have a garbage disposal....
they want to be sure that the girls wont play in the sink and one of them put her hand in while the other turns it on!!! :-O

I was a little shocked.
I gave huby the "handle this!" look and bit my tongue!!!

Did they really think we'd allow our kids (who can't reach the switch anyway) to "play" in the sink, with the garbage disposal?!?
Are we really that ignorant?


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