Saturday, June 02, 2012

~The Tenth Commandment~

Thou shalt not covet they neighbors chickens.

The other day we were at our friend's house for piano lessons.  One of their lovely daughters teaches one of mine, while the others play together or visit.  Usually I get to see the Momma there for a few minutes anyway, and catch up. 

That day, the Momma was just heading out the door with her honey to go get chickens. 

Now I have wanted to get some here for a couple/few years and this year we've even been planning our coop and location for it.  We got the pipes for the gravity feeders, "chicken nipples" (that sounds so wrong!) for watering them, chicken wire for fencing them in... but alas, we have not finalized our location and built a coop, so no chickens. :(

This friend could've been telling me they were expecting another baby for all the excitement I had.  I gave her a big hug and was like "Yea for you!" LOL 
At that point the chicken envy hadn't reared it's head, just the excitement of the moment. ;) 

Later, I had a good laugh with my kids over my over-ecstatic-reaction to the news! I also had a good laugh with their kids over my chicken envy! ;)

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