Thursday, May 31, 2012

As always ~ God is faithful

At the beginning of May I found out a friendly Costco worker we love to see was going to be out for some time with a workman's comp. hand surgery.  We said we would of course pray, and also would be happy to bring a meal or otherwise help out... so we exchanged phone numbers.
Later that same evening, I had the paper with the number, and another paper that looked similar in hand, planning to shred the second.  If only I would live by the "measure twice, cut once" adage and check twice before doing something that cannot be undone!  I shredded the page with her number!
I now had no way to follow up with her!  She would not be at work, and though I do know her name, it is her first name only.  We searched through the shredded pages for 45 minutes! to no avail.

I tried everything in my power that came to mind. 
I called and asked if they could get her a message.  No. >quite rudely too<
I asked other friends there if they knew how I could get in touch with her.  Unfortunately, no.  But they were nicer than the person on the phone.

After agonizing over not being able to give tangible help, I went to the Lord in prayer.  I gave Him my felt need to assist, my frustration over not finding a way to contact her, and asked Him to bring it about if it was His will.

Right before the next time I was headed there, the thought of a card came to mind.  I made a card with a picture of the kids and the whole story inside, along with my number.  I filled in the envelope with the return address and stamp, with her first name on it.  I decided, come hail or high water, I was going to ask everyone there if need be... maybe they could send it to her for me!

I asked a worker friend when we first got there, who I should ask to help for this project of mine.  Then following her advice, asked the supervisor there.
She said yes!  They could help! :)
I was so full of joy that it was finally working out!

The *very* next day I got a call from that friend!  She happened to go into the store the evening before and was given the card.  It turns out that in the course of working the rest of her shift after we exchanged numbers, she had also lost my information.  She kept saying how it blessed her to get that card and how great the picture was, and how thankful she was for us. 

In the end, the blessing that came about was bigger than the blessing that was missed. :)

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