Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post-Follow Up Update

Aliyah and I went to her follow up today.  The ultrasound was a smooth, easy success last week, but we knew little from it.  Her kidney did look a little different, but it certainly couldn't be told whether the change was good, bad or indifferent... at least, not by us.

Dr says: To his mind she still has hydronephrosis.  Her radiologist report said "no evidence of hydronephrosis.  Mild to Moderate renal pelvis dilation."  So to the Dr (who is a specialist) it is the same as hydronephrosis. 
He also says: "Looks good.  Looks very good."
He still does need to watch it since it is still dilated and is the only working kidney.
When he was talking about watching it, he said "I don't want to do another isotope scan."  In the past he has said he knew I didn't want to do it so he would wait.  I liked the change in that phrase. :)

So the nest thing is another ultrasound next January/February.  So a nice break for us. :)

After her appointment was over we got the chance to go to breakfast together at a local favorite restaurant.  All in all our trip was good!

Thanks for your prayers!!! :)

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