Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I've been considering quite a bit whether or not to share our Mother's Day gift plans...
Wondering why I feel compelled to share it anyway~
for my glory 
      or for His?

I do hope it is for His, though I am desperately prideful and know that my "Words of Affirmation" love language sometimes gets the better of my sensible side and I "phish for compliments." 
-Which generally brings up the "old boot" ;)

For the GrandMammas this year we chose to do some color by number and paint by number projects and frame them.  We all got a chance to work on them some, though the littler ones got less of a chance! ;)  I think they both turned out well.

But for myself, I still really feel, that while presents are nice and not in themselves bad, I don't want more stuff while someone else goes without a real need. 
We chose to do a hands on ministry gift, so my kids would still have the chance to get some*thing* they could relate with while serving another woman somewhere else.  Voice of the Martyrs has Action Packs that you can fill and send back to be distributed to those in need of the items you got.  We chose items that are great for women, and would be a special gift.  It was sort of a replacement gift, so I wanted the kids to feel they could get some nicer stuff they would want to get me. :)

They have enjoyed their projects, and we are putting the finishing touches on the pack before we ship it back to VOM.  

Maybe you also don't need another thing to not dust or whatever?  This could be the gift that changes someone else's eternity... now that's an investment I'd like to make! :)

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