Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Knew?

We have been hard at work on some projects out doors.
We've made raised bed gardens, and planted them (mostly)
I also planted some flowers... Sunflowers, California poppies, Chinese Forget-me-nots and Butterfly weed :)
So I have been out working quite often. (I have the peeling shoulders to prove it too!)

It was Monday while I was mowing some of our 5 acres of weeds that I realized it was probably one of the real quiet times I get! Who knew! Loud as it is, with my ear plugs in even, it is actually a nice time to be stilled within and be quiet. It takes little brain power, so my mind is free to reflect and ponder, and pray.

During this time of reflecting I started considering what the neighbors think of me (little housewife) out there doing quite a bit of manual labor.
First I wondered if they thought I was admirable for taking on anything and everything that needs doing... then I started feeling concerned that they may look down on my hubby because he was not the one out there doing it. That's about when the thought hit me that it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! Several minutes later I had to revisit the thought of it not mattering, and to be really honest... it happened several times, so I had to tell myself "I distinctly remember being done with that thought!"
Then today it tried to creep back in as I mowed even more yard (and had to fill the gas tank to boot!) but it was squelched faster this time. ;)

On the garden front, we have a few plants that we bought as seedlings that are having a hard time with the strong wind, and we have lost some :( BUT we have started several from seed that are really exciting to watch pop out of the ground! Today I found pumpkin plants growing!!! much to Aliyah's excitement; carrots growing, cilantro and garlic sprouting up more, and a mixed lettuces patch has it's first seedlings sprouting! I can't believe how exciting this has been for all of us! I am hoping that the feelings last so that we keep taking good care of our project!

Thinking of sprouting... proof that I can mess up just about any science project ;) is sitting in my window sill. We have several jars of seeds that have different conditions so that we can see what is needed for growth. So one jar has no water, one is in the cold, one in the dark, one is our control so it has all it is supposed to need, and the last one should have no oxygen. It has a lid, and the steel wool we put in is supposed to have a reaction that removes the oxygen.
Well, can you guess which jar is actually growing well?
The one that has a lid! It may even leaf soon! I can't believe it is the only one doing well! Now I'm not sure what we do with it. The control isn't growing, and one that shouldn't grow is growing! lol Oh well!

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