Friday, April 08, 2011

Where My Heart Lies

I have been having quite a few crying sessions lately... not that I am particularly depressed or anything, but that I have been hurting for others. For the loss a friend recently suffered... for the lost little ones who need a family. I don't know if I am perpetuating it by reading blogs of others that keep bring up either loss or the need of these little orphans to be looked after, (or both! on some blogs!) or if the Lord is showing me something.

So many look and say; "Well, your hands are full!" and I wonder at what hubby would think that his wife sits here considering adopting one of the least of these. He feels quite a bit of pressure to provide for the 6 we have... let alone bringing in another, and the expense that is...

But it is for LIFE! Someone else's very life hangs in the balance!!! I'm not a great mom much of the time to even think that I would be the best thing for one of these children... but it would be better than being alone; and there is plenty of love here to share!

This feels like one of the issues where my heart will be at odds with my reality. For now I think I must just pray for God to move! Move me; Move him; Guide us ~Amen!

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