Thursday, February 03, 2011

odd combination of thoughts

If Ysa were to have a child at the age I had her... I'd be a Grandma in 7 years!!!!!!!!!!! :O woah!

On nights where I am up late I require a snack... really I need it! So I wonder... as an underweight, nursing mother, do I always need that snack and am only awake for it on occasion (which seems to be frequent occasions) or do I need it only because I am still alert and requiring my body and brain to function???? The world may never know... (or care for that matter) ;)

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traceylynndel said...

If Anna were following my path she'd be married and have a child by the end of this summer. Josh would be expecting his second child already. lol! I am glad they are not me and are free to choose their own path.

Maybe you should set an alarm so you don't sleep through snack time. ha ha ha