Thursday, February 03, 2011

If someone else were mother to my children...

We read today in Exodus about Pharaoh's command to kill all the male babies. We talked about some of the parents who followed the order, and those who practiced civil disobedience... Moses' parents.
This lead to a discussion about the value of life and the modern practice of abortion.

If someone else were my children's mother:
Ysa would've been aborted because a 17 year old, unmarried, high school senior was too scared to face that path.
Neno may have been aborted because of finances, and close proximity in age; or perhaps because my husband wasn't ready to have another.
Aliyah would have been aborted because she has kidney issues, and in-utero we were uncertain what that would mean for her future.
Brianna and Karissa may never have been conceived if "permanent" actions had been taken, but if they were many would have *had* to have them aborted because they had "too many" already, couldn't "afford that many" or don't think they can "handle them all."

As for me, I can't imagine life without them! I thank God for them!

Only those who have been able to be around my kids will fully understand what the world would miss without them.
I can't help but think... what does this world miss now because so many are aborted each day!?!

Edited to add:
I hurt for those who have bought the lies of the abortion industry. Those who made decisions based on fears and the timely counsel that is offered by those who would have us believe that one person's rights mean nothing if they happen to be inside of another person... and that they in fact, are not a person at all. (which is not what ultrasounds show... if they'd only let women see those!)
Just on re-reading this post, I was struck by it's insensitive sound, and felt that more was needed.
If you have experienced the hurt left behind after an abortion, please know that I am not condemning you. I feel for you, and would recommend reading Holly's blog.

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