Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Today a dear friend went to be with Jesus. While we rejoice with the angels over her home going, we mourn... deeply.
I had no idea how hard I would take that. It was sudden and shocking... and even after crying about it for hours it doesn't seem real!
Thankfully she is now whole. She is able to freely praise the Lord and isn't limited like she was here. It is obvious she touched many lives with the response I've seen, and will be dearly missed. She was ready though. She had her proverbial house in order, and would talk about "when I'm not around anymore" frequently enough that you knew she had her eyes on the goal and not the distance to it!

It is so odd to me that she was just here last Wednesday, and I was planning on calling her today so we could go visit them tomorrow. She brought back a cd I'd loaned her which we both really enjoyed... it was sad to listen to it today and yet sweet to sing the praises on it knowing that she was singing praises too! We were both adoring at the same time the Lord who brought us together and now has us parted for a time.

Neno said, "It makes me sad to think that they will not see Mrs. Moreland here anymore, they have to wait to see her in heaven, unless Jesus comes back..." It makes me sad too.

Alice, you are missed. Thank you Lord for the time you shared her with us! I pray we will be good stewards of our todays with our loved ones, and hold them close while we can.

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