Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometimes I think back on life and how much things can change in so short a time! If I sound really **nostalgically** old, it's cause it's almost my birthday and I have a tendency to reflect back on what has changed.

10 years ago, I was so very different! I often wonder if some of my dearest friends now, would have wanted anything to do with me then! (apart from a ministry role)

9 years ago I was pregnant with my Ysabella, our oldest. I was a far cry from living for God, but thankfully I was saved by grace! As our pastor would say, I was "going to heaven, but with singed underwear!"

8 years ago I really started on the journey of Surrender. From there forward it gets a lot better, and that's sad to say, as I continue to look forward from here and see how much more I need changed!!!!! :\

On other notes... We have been changing a lot around here too. Highlights of which....
Our Suburban is being sold, and we have bought a newer Van! Air conditioning is really cool! (sorry that's puny)
We have been packing things to move, which will hopefully be before 2009!
We have 2 in full school mode, a first for us. And 2 who love to join in with everything! One more is doing well and has a name!!!
Brianna Joylinn will be joining us on the outside sometime in the latter part of September, begining of October!

No matter what changes may come, I think I'm glad that they do come. I don't think 9 or 10 years ago I would've "wanted" some of the changes we've gone through *there may be more to come I'm not especially fond of having* yet knowing where God has brought us.... so far in so short a time.... I think I'm glad change does come.

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mommyofmany said...

Change... sometimes fun and sometimes not-so-fun. Yet the kind that draws us closer to God and conforms us into His image is ALWAYS good! Press on, Friend!