Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I couldn't think of any one thing I wanted to write about, so I decided to write about all the little things that come to mind.

Does everyone with a 2 year old have to bathe the child after every meal? This kid gets food everywhere! Sometimes I think it's just that he wants the bath. I don't remember this so much with my girls, so maybe it's a boy thing? I dunno.

My 6 year old has started writing notes all of the time. I get several daily and can count on one on my pillow for the night. Daddy gets one on his pillow too and sometimes there's one in the middle. This morning she wrote about having a lovely mommy and to have a nice last May day. Last nights had so many X's and O's! I read them to my hubby and I read XOXOXO as "KSO KSO KSO" so last night I just made the sound "KSO" several times and showed him the page!

We are officially finished with 1st grade, sniffle sniffle, who said she could grow up! And are all set for 2nd. She can't wait, but is so far enjoying this week off. She doesn't always enjoy time off. Something about not getting to start one of our new biographies for History, or work on a school work book that she wants to. I tell her there will be plenty of time to do it during school, PLAY on your time off.

My son hasn't been into so much mischief last week and far.
He did have a boot in the bathroom sink this morning, but that is easy compared to all the mischeif of the week before last! He did just fall down and wanted an ice, so he grabbed a popsicle out of the freezer. Yeah, like mommy will let you have that at 10 am! Right.

I saw a "friend" who I am sure knew we are expecting, but was one of the ones I didn't really feel like telling. So I hadn't. I was asked the usual questions, but the one that stuck was 'are you excited?' At the time I was hot and tired and on the way to take my girls to a bathroom, so I probably didn't come across as excited, ya know. In my outlook all life is created to be eternal, and this is the begining of someone's eternity.... how can that not be exciting!?! We simply have very different outlooks on life.

Spent yesterday with my mother in love doing some laundry and hanging out. But I wonder everytime I am there if the bathroom soap doesn't want to wash off because of their water softener or if it's because it's dish soap? We had a nice visit, but probably spent too much time talking of friends we never see or hear from and I got to feeling bad.

I recently decided to read the book "Ninteen eighty four" and finished it off with watching the movie. The movie sucked. Really. It was so gappy that if you hadn't read the book you might be completely clueless as to what the movie was about. So I read "Make room! Make room!" and watched the movie, supposedly based on the book, "Soylent Green" and couldn't believe how far from the book it really was and how bad the acting.... ranked right up there with "Napolean Dynomite" on the bad acting! Neither book was wonderful, but classics compared to their movies!

We have a lovely tree, a mulberry. It bears terribly well and leaves tons of purple berries everywhere! I have little blck blotches all over my kitchen floor from themm being tramped in on shoes. I've decided to wait mopping until the berries are all gone. Should only be a couple of months. sigh.

Today I have to find my kitchen, again. yipee. no really, I mean that. And some time soon I should consider breakfast a little more seriously. I have my yucky pregnancy tea that I am choking down, but I guess I should get something else in there too.

So this is enough randomness. Time for food. Hope you're all well wherever you are.

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