Monday, May 15, 2006

A better day today?

Well, Friday wasn't exactly a pleasant day.

My Ysabella, 6 1/2 years, got her hand stabbed by a chain link fence, and we had to figure out how to take care of it best. After all that was over, we were sitting on the couch and I felt wrong, for lack of a better description. I told my hubby I wasn't feeling well, and I thought maybe I needed to eat NOW. But the next thing I knew I was going black and then I woke up.
This is my kiddos first experience with mommy's little oddity and they all thought I was just playing and being silly. This time my head turned to the side, eyes open, I made a snoring sort of noise and I straightened my extremities as tho stretching. Hubby says it was maybe 10 seconds, but to him it was a long 10 seconds! I had the privilege of loosing control of my bladder on my couch so now I have to find a way to wash the cushion. I will be calling my DRs office as soon as it's open and asking if I need an appointment or not.
So we ate dinner and went to bed. I was, of coarse there for a while after the incident, but everyone went to bed at the same time. Saturday we didn't do much, but we did go out for an early Mother's Day dinner with Family. And yesterday we did church and lunch and that was about it.

I am not feeling terrible or anything, a little sleepy and fatigued, but that's to be expected.
I will have a long day tho as we have ants in 4 rooms of our 6 room house, and they have to be eliminated as everyone (but me) is alergic to the buggers. Add to that the dishes and laundry I need to do today and the review week we are doing for school; it will be busy!

Hope all of you out there are well.

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Deb said...

Hope that you are feeling better. That had to be scarey for all of you. Hopefully they can figure it out soon.