Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Second OBGYN appt.

I have been kinda busy with kiddos, house and drs! So I have posted a little less often.... but as I look around, I'm not the only one!

Yesterday I had my second OB appt. at 14 weeks, 4 (or 5) days.
I gained weight, a good thing for us!
All of my tests are normal and fine.

When the nurse practitioner (whom I got to see yesterday in leiu of a DR) came in I asked, a little shakily, if we could do the dopplar for the heart beat first.
She hesitated asking if anything was wrong, but as I started to explain that this was the appt. at almost the same week number when we found out everything was NOT fine last time, she stopped me in mid sentence saying, "We'll do it right now."
The heart beat was audible and at 158 beats per minute.... that's good for babies.
I was relieved, but am still apprehensive. I don't want to "feel safe". I don't think I'll allow myself that comfort yet.

Typically, for my other pregnancies, I have started feeling the baby move around 14 to 16 weeks, and we don't feel baby yet. **This is rather early by most standards. Most women don't expect to feel movements until 20 weeks.** I am not concerned as of yet, of coarse, I think I will feel a little easier once we feel movement tho.

I am still, quite thankfully, not sick... at least not as is my norm.
And so far I am still able to lift my kids as necessary and do house work, something that usually ceases during my pregnancies! :S

I mentioned the diet to the nurse practitioner yesterday, saying that I was put on a diet, but have taken myself off!!! And that is basically where we're at! I am watching my intakes and monitoring my blood sugar and so far so good. She told me the only thing I need to do is eat every couple of hours and monitor my sugar intake. Nothing more. I like her! ;) (Really, I actually do!)

Pap Smear aside, it was a great appt. ;)
My next one in 4 weeks we will have our ultrasound.
Baby allowing we will be able to tell just whom we have in there!
Then we start the name picking, but that's another post. ;)

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