Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ok, I'm ticked!

So I have been calculating half the day away, and found out that my first day on this diet I only got in 1506 calories! I was amazed that I wasn't in worse shape that day!
So I decided to calculate the diet using the ammounts and times and the calories on my list sheet of acceptable foods and substitutes. I used cows milk calculations even tho she wants me on soy and used the medium fat meat/substitute calorie intake, since that's what she used.
(I normally eat from the very lean to lean categories. This makes a calorie difference from Medium fat at 75 cals. to lean at 55 to very lean at 35.)
I was dumbfounded that the diet gives me less than 1800 a day (1755 to be exact) and I was trying to get her up to 2000 which she agreed to! And she acted like the things she added would bring it up enough. (* Editors note: Reworking the math brought up the cals. to 2055., but figuring in the lean meat difference it is a minimum of 1615.)
No wonder I feel half starved!
I haven't calculated all the days yet, but I am sure they are too low!
My OBGYN wants my calories at between 2200 - 2400 daily. I have call into my GP about the diet to see what he thinks. But for now I think this thing is canned!

Don't get me wrong I am not going to binge on high sugar foods or anything. But I think I'll eat what I want and continue my detailed diet logging of what, when and how I feel.
I "cheated" today and ate a serving of fruit for breakfast, and ya know what? I felt better this morning than I have since going on this silly diet!

So it probably has to do with hormones that I am so ticked that the calories are so low or maybe it's got something to do with the worry of starving me and baby to death! But I am pretty ticked and don't know if I can trust this dietician!

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