Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Proud momma

My little Ysabella is 6 and a half years old. Her sister Moriah will turn 4 tomorrow. We had purchased presents, and Ysa helped pick them, but she decided she wanted to get something else for her sister.... something from only her.

I had to check to make sure no other family member had used the idea and talk over yet another toy for Mo with Daddy, but we decided it would be fine.
Then to my surprise, my 6 year old insisted on spending her own money. "I want it to be from me." she said. I said, "It can be from you even if daddy and mommy use their money." But this would be no good to her. Even tho I explained it would take all of the money she had in her wallet, she still wanted to buy it by herself for her little sister.
So after church on Sunday we went to Wal*Mart and she and daddy went in to buy it.

They found a few "little" other things too that daddy wanted to get, and Ysa started to get nervous that she wouldn't have enough for the "big" thing marked at $16.40 something. SO she proposed to daddy that she purchase the "little" things and daddy buy the "big" thing. That poor kid, she bought the "little" things to the tune of $17 something. (She paid $10 on a gift card and daddy picked up the rest w/o her knowing it) And when daddy checked out the "big" thing, he only paid $5!!!

We have decided to put $5 back on her card since what she wanted to get was only $5 and she spent $10 buying stuff that daddy was getting.
But I am no less proud that she has the desire to get for others at the expense of not getting anything for herself with that same money! **Sniffle sniffle**

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