Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I iron *the* pink dresses. 
   The ones I learned to sew just so that I could make them. 
The pink satiny fabric always looks better freshly ironed;
    as I watch them change from wrinkly to smooth and from dull to shiny
                                                                                                                  I think.

I see in them the mistakes. 
       the imperfections.
The stains I could never get out and the snags that have come.

I also see two little girls excitedly trying them on for the first time.

I see the last time they fit their own dress.

I now see the two little sweeties who are so excited they have grown into them!  They want to wear them anywhere and everywhere!  It is for them that I work to unwrinkle, smooth and shine them tonight.

And yet all they see is the shiny ;) 
                                 and the love that went into making them.
They see the rarely used iron out just for their dresses and can't wait to get into them.
     They see them as special, not noticing the little ink stains, the snags or the sewing mistakes!

It kinda reminds me of another view.
The view I have of myself... my constant failings as a Christian, as a wife, and as a mother... my failings as a friend, or a daughter or a sister... 
                  I view all of my short comings, while maybe others see my strengths or successes.  
The view that really matters is that of God.
    He says that I am no longer condemned if I be in Christ.  
          He says that I am loved by Him.  
                He says my weaknesses are my strengths for His power is made perfect in them.
I'm trying to teach myself to view His view. 
I'm trying to learn to replace my own condemnations with His affirmations (of course I can tell me that I *do* need to make sure that He doesn't have any criticisms for me as well!)
Wish that were as easy as smoothing the wrinkles from those little pink dresses!

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