Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Things

We may never know the impact of what we do on someone else around us.
Good or Bad.
Words sometimes cannot express the place someone else holds in our hearts, or minds
Actions that may only be seen by others can make an impression that lasts a life time
                                                                                                                even on a complete stranger

I had the pleasure of praising a couple of my kids for actions
           they didn't even realize were so big to someone else. 
Little things.
           Good things.
And like little seeds they take root and develop a bond between the person blessing and the person blessed...
and somewhere in my own heart that line is blurred as both persons are blessed 
whether by the action received or by the action given.
A card
        a note
              a call
 a meal
        a visit
 a game 
     a snuggle for a little one...
it's all so small
and yet so huge to the one that hears in that small gesture
"I mean something."
"I'm loved."
"Someone cares."

And don't we all want to mean something, to be loved and cared for and remembered?

Remember the Little Things.

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