Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My son and I were talking this evening, him relating a story to me of a friend who used to tease about monsters.  My kids have not feared monsters for the most part, we have talked about them not being real, but never really had anyone upset about them anyway.

So I ask him, "What if I told you there really are monsters."
He started to give me the "then you'd be wrong" line, but hesitated with a "what are you trying to pull mom" look.

I continue, "There are real monsters that reside here (pointing to his heart) and here (pointing to his head.)" 
Pause, and let it sink in a second.
"The bad things that pass through those places, can change you into a monster if you let them.  Some monsters hurt their kids by beating them black and blue, or by hitting their wife.  You have to decide to watch carefully those thoughts that are in here (motioning again to inside) to make sure you don't become a monster."

He seemed surprised, and contemplative, at the turn in the discussion, but he understood.  We've talked many times about anger, and acting in it.  About treating his future wife the way he has practiced treating women in our home... his sisters and mom.  Or about how he would feel seeing another boy treat his sisters the way he just did.  But using this term monster seemed to sink-in in an new way.
Hoping this new little analogy will help him to think before he acts. :)

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