Saturday, November 01, 2008

My life as a ping pong ball

I wrote a while back about change being ok by me, most change anyway.

Lately, I've started to feel like change would be pretty nice if it slowed down a little. Soooo many changes in such a short time leaves me feeling a bit like a ping pong ball. Always being smacked back and forth with no real break in between.

Along with all the changes I've mentioned in recent blogs, we have had changes in my hubby's work schedule too. In February he changed "temporarily" to second shift; in September the hours of that shift were changed to 2 hours earlier. Now we are changing to days again, but it may only be for a couple of weeks. I've changed bed times, meal times, school times, etc. twice already in the last 8 to 9 months, it will be changing back again starting Monday.
We have looked forward to changing back to days, but I don't like the indefinate part of this change. I know nothing lasts forever and all, but I'd like to know a ball park figure on the duration of this one.

Ahhhhh, there I go again being a stick in the mud.

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