Monday, November 17, 2008

The potty song

Aliyah was not feeling so well about a week ago, and I took her into the doctor to see what was up.
With her history we often check on the kidneys whenever there is a tummy trouble, to rule out any kidney issues.

So since it was late on a Friday, we didn't get her pee pee in the bag in good time.
The following Wednesday she had her ultrasound anyway, so trying to get everything done in one trip, I put her new bag on before we left. That was sometime around 11AM.
The ultrasound was at 1PM and still an empty bag, but we saw a full bladder on the screen soooo any time now...right?
So we traveled to the other side of town to the doctor's area..... nothin'
We went to WalMart to kill time. Still no pee pee.
Off we go to the Drs bathroom to try for some inspiration.
There she tells me if I take the "sticker" (the bag) off she'll go in the potty. (and the cup)
After trying this for some time, I gave up entirely!

Fast forward to the next morning.
A sweet little Aliyah face peeks over the bed with her usual wake up call.
Then she sits comfortably next to the bed to play and sing.
"I not pee in da bag" she sings.....
I couldn't believe she was singing about that silly bag and her will to avoid using it!
One battle I'm not going to fight.

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