Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who was Eve's helper?

Post Partum is never my shining hour. Between lack of sleep, and hormonal issues it seems that I am some one else for about 6 weeks. ;0)

In the late evening hours, when all is finally quiet, I have had time to ponder. Who helped Eve after her babies were born? You know 6 weeks of "only take care of yourself and the baby" sounds great, but can't be practical, at least not to me. Was Adam her helper? This sounds reasonable, except he did have to toil for food and for the survival of his family, right. I wonder if a tired, post partum Eve took on the tasks of everyday life "too soon" because Adam had such a hard day, and some one needed to change the older child's fig leaves, get him a drink and a snack and clean the soiled animal skins for him to sleep on. If not her, who? and she wouldn't want to ask him to do more, while she does nothing.
Of course, Adam probably told her not to "do too much" and to "get some rest." He may have even been glad to help, except maybe when it came to poopy fig leaves... no one's real glad about those.

Is this just another part of my rebelious nature? Who can rest when things need to get done? How easy is "take it easy" supposed to be? And why is it so hard to do nothing?

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