Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our latest

Thought maybe a real update is necessary.

Today we are 20 weeks and Friday we find out who's baking! ;0)

Aliyah's Ped. Urologist has ordered another Renal Scan, Nuclear Medicine; and I will be unable (for the first time) to be in the room with her. However, Daddy will be there for that part and we will all be together again shortly after the test is completed. I will still help her through the cath and IV portion; which was releiving as Daddy may have gone ballistic and knocked out a nurse had he been the one there! :-P

After that we will have to see what Dr thinks is needed next and go from there. If he happens to mention surgery (last time I expected him to mention it...he wanted to schedule it. I never know what to expect with him) we will go for the second opinion I'd thought about as it is such a risk either way.

Other than that life is "normal"...... right?
We are looking at a vehicle situation trying to use wisdom and not only frustration. Our suburban had a big issue last week, but less than the usual $500; the Jeep still has some quirks we are sinking more $$ into; then today, we think our little commuter has alternator trouble..... **sigh**

Anyway, that's the news from the front lines. ;0)

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