Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For some reason, maybe hormones? lately many ironic things have been hilarious to me. I'd rather have that be a side effect of pregnancy than the other various moods we become stricken with. ;0)

So I was posting a comment on a friend's page and the word verification...see title, looked funny... literally.
Earlier today it was the fact that while doing one yucky thing, working with raw chicken, I have to stop, wash really well, so that I can change a really yucky diaper; after which I wash really well, and start back to the first yucky thing. And the irony had me laughimg for awhile.
Then this afternoon we received a shipment we've been expecting. There should be 5 identical boxes, but according to the shipping records only one has actually been sent. So when the 4 that "aren't sent yet" arrived and the one was MIA, I think it is funnier than Abbot and Costello!

In a way I hope this passes quickly, I'm getting tired of explaining the lastest strange occurance that has me rolling to poor hubby.

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