Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A "Dear New Dads" Note

Dear Dads Who Will Be Making The "Baby's Here" Calls;

As men, you may not be as caught up in the details that the women friends and family are, or would like to be; and therefore, you may be at a slight disadvantage in making the important Baby's Here calls.
I don't know about everyone receiving the call, but I have several key points I would like to hear, and I thought I'd list them for some ideas.

  • Mom and Baby are ok?  This is the top priority for me.  I want to hear this pretty much right away.  Now it is likely that if things are not alright, you will mention it, but I still like to hear everything is going well.  If things are not ok, I want to pray and help how I can.
  • Stats like:
    1. Date
    2. Time of Delivery
    3. Weight
    4. Length
    5. If there was a change to the expected delivery, like C-Section.
    • Possibly why there was a change... if you have time and feel comfortable sharing.
  • Do you need anything?  Can I help? Whom to contact if someone is arranging meals or other help... this may also be a good person to help make calls. 
  • If we are close enough friends, and you don't mind visitors... Which room you are in at which location. (ie name of Hospital or Birthing Center)
I'm not trying to ask for too much, so I hope the above list is pithy enough.

Another idea is to have someone else make calls for you.  Dads are important! and it can take time calling to give all that information... time you may want to be spending with the new baby and mother. :)   Just please give that person enough information to make calls! ;)

Click here for a printable list to take with you.

 Congratulations on the new arrival
 and Blessings!

Note: Yes, this was inspired by a less than informative call. ;) lol

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