Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 7/21

FOR TODAY the July 21, 2011

Outside my window... when I started this... the stars are moving slowly across an inky black sky, lit up by the shining moon... everything outlined in it's sliver glow.

I am thinking... I should blog some of my 1000 gifts again. I need to number them still. ;)

I am thankful... for a lovely visit with my sister and her little blessings! We live so close, yet see so little of each other. **sniff**

From the learning rooms... We are studying Egypt and the Exodus.. had fun making unleavened bread that we all called Matza and singing Seder songs :)

In the kitchen... I have some birthday celebration plans cooking (in my head) so I'll be deep frying some "Sioux Burgers" (or Indian tacos) and making a Hot Fudge cake that is Carob instead of chocolate.

I am wearing... Short jean capris, black nursing top, bare feet (does that count as wearing?)

I am creating... I made a gift for my mom. (I can write this here because she doesn't read blogs) It will be our 30th Anniversary, otherwise known as my birthday, but I've always wondered why Mother's don't get a thank you gift (or something) on the anniversary of a life changing day for them and the years of work! So I got her 30 sugar free chocolates and a nice card that I wrote a note to her in (I added a tissue too, just in case) It's nothing big, but I hope it's message comes through well!

I am going... to be a little more of a home-body for a bit (see post bringing you up to speed for details) as Hubby is still a bit concerned about my health.

I am wondering... if I should pursue the Neurologist route (for health issue) like before or just figure they don't know what happens or why, and not spend the time and money?

I am reading... Bible ~Always!~ Blogs ;) school reading with the kids.

I am hoping... our little garden will make it... we seem to have early blight, but being new to all this we don't know for certain and don't know what will come of our efforts to slow it.

I am looking forward to... The weekend with Hubby home :) (and maybe a nap soon?)

I am hearing... children playing wildly! The sound of the keyboard's programed songs and occasional concert by a child; the soft swishing of the cooler and the dryer.

Around the house... We've made some head way around places... I am hoping to spot treat the carpet soon, and was trying to come up with a ceremonial cleanse to do after a room, or piece of room, is finished being cleaned. :)

I am pondering... if the same people who don't understand having "so (too) many children" or think it would be overwhelming, would feel the same way with 6 (only because I currently have 6) of their best friends around them... would it be too many people then? would they still feel over whelmed?

One of my favorite things... gentle wind blowing on my skin.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Spot treating the carpet, possibly even steam cleaning it all... hmm. I have a few other house work projects, and school work (we do year round) I hope to get my oldest blessing out to shop for dresses tomorrow.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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Jo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your daybook. I've been making unleavened bread too, as we're doing Moses and the Exodus at our Holiday Bible Club. With 25 children it's rather messy.