Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our next stop is... the Twilight Zone...

(Makes me wanna go "do-do do-do, do-do do-do.")

The other day, as Hubby Dear replaced the swamp cooler pads and we both finished making some dinner, I suddenly started to smell something "medical." Like a first aid kit smell, or betadine like... only no one else smelled it.
This sent my mind whirling! Since I have some sort of dream like "happy place" my brain vacations while I am unconscious, it made me wonder if I was conscious or not... was I really "down for the count" and someone (paramedics? hospital staff?) was using medical smelling stuff on or near me?
As I try to talk myself back into reality, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell what reality is... the kids are all very happy... they're being overly sweet and complimenting everything... everyone is eating without complaint! This must be my "happy place!"
After all, one would want everyone happy, and complimenting them or their meal... I know that my conscious self would want a utopia happy place to vacation, perhaps my unconscious self does too?
I can't explain how it felt exactly, aside from Twilight Zone awkward.

Hours later Hubby finally said he too could smell it and I felt a little less odd. Yet it still strikes me as crazy to ever wonder if you are conscious or not! :-/

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traceylynndel said...

glad to hear I am not the only one visiting the twilight zone lately. Perhaps I'll see you there. :)