Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lessons from the Seasons : Autumn

So I didn't take the time to write up Autumn's lessons during Autumn, but that maybe because it is a very busy season ;)

Autumn is In Gathering time. The time when the maturing of summer turns out the fruits for harvesting. :D

For me this period always seems shorter than the time spent producing the fruit!
Months or years can go into a harvest. Some trees wont bear fruit for 7 years. Lilacs wont flower for about that long. Yet the blossoms only last a matter of weeks, once a year, with the right conditions.
I seem to be like that. Lots of work goes into maturing, lots into pruning, and caring for young fruit; but the harvest is good, even if it is the shorter part.

Lately I have reaped the benefit from years of working on certain areas by the affirmation and encouragement of other saints.

Autumn is also time to prepare for winter, and do trimming. You can mulch or fertilize, to enrich soil and help it through the days ahead. This is probably a good time to have a retreat or just a small time for only you and God to get together with fewer distractions.

(Once again, these are just the beginning of ideas that were forming in my head last spring (; )

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