Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Bubble

I spend almost all of my time in a sphere of like minded people.
Maybe we don't agree all the time, but "If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary"
Also, for back ground, I'm taking a class called "Woman: Aware and Choosing" (WAC)

I went out last night with some ladies from a whole different life style and world view. It was interesting. Most of it was fine, some was a little uncomfortable. After coming home, I couldn't sleep...I had just eaten a whole cannoli! ;0) So I read in my WAC book. It was encouraging that it said right in there I don't have to justify my choices! to anyone really. I am able to make decisions, but I owe no one an explanation.

My choices are very counter culture.
I stay home and take care of my husband's and children's needs. I teach them. I encourage other mothers in our work. I worship and pray. I typically don't watch TV when I do have a spare minute, and I never eat bon bons. ;0)
Society may say I am foolish to just do these things....I'm not "contributing to our home" because I don't bring in a paycheck. I am crazy to "ruin my kids" keeping them home from school; and what about the poor school that's "missing their money" because they have one less child? Why do I have so many? Don't I realize the world is crowded?
I don't have to give anyone the answers to all of these questions.
Certainly God can be glorified in my answers to some, but I really have no need to try to argue my decisions, nor allow myself to feel bad because people don't understand me. I have a right to choose the intention of the question and the freedom to simply not answer.

That was freeing for me.
I hope it is for someone else too.

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