Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lessons from the Seasons : Summer

With summer in full swing and HOT here in So Cal, I'm compelled to continue the series I started; Lessons from the Seasons.

So far, my summer lesson has been maturity and weeding!

Our plants 'new spring growth' gains in size, strength and color.
We see areas of our spiritual growth start to show baby fruit, ripening, maturing.

We also see amongst all the beauty, the weeds!
No where do I see this better illustrated than my tumble weeds.
I pulled out over 142 from only one side of one of my iris beds...yes, I counted. Where I pulled every little to big sized weed one morning, I found medium sizes that evening! Where did it come from? How did it grow sooo fast?!?

In this analogy, I see 'little' sins in life grow quickly! Maybe you feel you just weeded, but now there's something growing, again. "Take every thought captive" means constant weeding!!!
The good news is that the littler they are the shallower the root; much easier to pull out.

I hope this encourages diligence. Soon the Autumn will come to enjoy the harvest of the promising fruit you see!

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