Monday, September 15, 2008

"Be anxious for nothing"

I was pondering this awhile today. Philippians 4:6.
Anxious. hummmm. Am I?
It has been presumed by more than one well meaning friend ;0) and today I felt the need to delve into that a little further.

Encarta's online dictionary defines anxious as...

1. feeling nervous: worried or afraid, especially about something that is going to happen or might happen

2. eager: wanting to do something very much, or in a tense or uneasy way

3. producing anxiety: producing feelings of nervousness or agitation
a few anxious moments.

They define eager elsewhere as....

1. enthusiastic and excited about doing something: enthusiastic and excited about something and impatiently waiting to do or get it
eager to help
eager for praise

2. full of enthusiasm and impatience: expressing enthusiastic interest and expectation or an impatient desire to do something
an eager face

Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology categorizes this anxious (NIV) or care (KJV) in the anxiety definition and states:
"Anxiety frequently manifests itself in ungodly concern about provision, performance, or reputation, and appears to be rooted in incomplete knowledge, lack of control over circumstances, or failure to take an "eternal" perspective on things (Matt 6:25-34; 10:19; Mark 13:11; Luke 12:11-12, 22-34). " It continues: "Freedom from anxiety begins with confession that it is not God's will. In fact, anxiety is a subtle insinuation that God is either unable or disinclined to see to our welfare. Other remedial measures include recognizing the futility of worry (Matt 6:27; Luke 12:25); cultivating a growing understanding of God's power and fatherly disposition (Matt 6:26; Luke 12:30); entrusting to God the things that we cannot control (1 Pe 5:7); increasingly viewing things in eternal perspective (Matt 6:32-34; Luke 12:30-34); and substituting prayer for worry (Php 4:6). "

I think I am leaning more toward eager than anxious.
I do have to be careful of being impatient or worrying, but there's a lot to be excited, enthusiastic and eager about in our lives right now.
God's timing is always perfect! And mine seldom comes close ;0) so I can be excited about our changes and eagerly await Brianna's arrival, but I think we'll can worrying about details we don't control anyway.


The Heflebower's said...

God's timing is awesome...

mommyofmany said...

Oh, it can be a tad challenging to patiently await the arrival of a new baby.

This is how I survived... I always picked a date somewhere about a month away from my due date. For example, for my mid-January babies, I picked Valentine's Day. Then I told myself that by Valentine's Day we'd have a new baby in our house! My due date is irrelevant at that point!

It kept me from suspecting every little twinge might be something bigger ('cause you know the more children you have, the earlier those things start). I had no expectations, so it was always a "pleasant" surprise when I really went into labor. (exception: Everyone convinced me that my twins would arrive by 36 weeks, so when 38 1/2 weeks --and labor-- finally came around, I was VERY tired of waiting for the REAL thing. Grrr!)

Also remember that early labor can start WAY-AY-AY-AY before it's time to get serious about going anywhere to have that baby. I know some of your babies have come quickly, but you still have plenty of time. Now's your opportunity to do anything you need to do that you won't be able to do easily with a wee one requiring much of Mom's time and energy.