Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To myself

I had been planning to write all the cute things that have been said/ done lately by my little ones. Like when pointing out that Buffalo Bill Cody lived to be 82 years old, and my 6 and 3/4 year old asked if that was older or younger than me!
But instead I opened my home page and read the headlines, and I now, depressed, am compelled to write about Andrea again.
Ms. Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity and will be committed to a mental institution until it is found that she is no longer a "threat."
Oh, those poor children!
I took the poll after the story which read: Do you agree? Yes, she was psychotic and thought she was saving her children; No, she knew what she was doing. After choosing No of coarse, it showed 63% of those polled agreed with me. I suppose that being in the majority doesn't make you right, but it did give me comfort that I am not the lone person crying for justice. There is no justice here, but in the end it will be served.
For now I will hold my babies.............
and cry for hers.

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