Monday, June 19, 2006

The Specialist Appt

Well, we went to see a perinatologist on Friday as the DR we had an appt with got sick Thursday and they had to schedual us with his partner for a visit.

He said that in the realm of problems this is "highly fixable" and that in the grander scheme of things this isn't that bad. So with that said, her kidneys don't look good. They both probably have a kink in the ureters, the right one's being a worse kink as it is twice the size of the left. One kidney is working or both are able to work partially as the amniotic fluid is at the right level. This tells us that the fluid is being processed through her system and back out again; other wise it would be a low (or lower than normal) level. It seems to be isolated to her kidneys as everything else looks fine, so that is also a blessing.

What I need now is to talk to our Family Practicioner and set up our plan of action for post birth testing and possible treatment. We wont know what needs to be done treatment wise until we've seen another specialist and have other tests run, including an ultrasound after birth and contrast testing to tell functionality. Then there's the possibility of surgery. I have a call in to our Dr and we'll see if I get a call back this time, as the last two times I have called I haven't gotten a call back! Arg!

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