Monday, April 10, 2006

keeping busy

Well, Spring is here in California.
And I am either nesting early or Spring cleaning.
I have been keeping pretty busy with house cleaning, School and getting out.
Today I am really tired, and had just gotten the kiddos to go play a while so I could rest/pretend to sleep when our neighbors Arborists showed up to shred all the branches they butchered from their poor tree! It's loud so I got up and decided to maybe blog a little before the day really gets off to a start.

I had a strange occurance with my blood sugar yesterday. 1 hour after eating it was only 88, so I went and got a soda (we were at church and they had no juice) I drank some but not even half and after 15 minutes took my blood again and it was 78. This seemed strange to us. I drank more soda and by the end of the hour felt better, but not really good. The only conclusion we have drawn it that I possibly took the blood during a drop and the 88 wasn't the bottom of the drop, but the way down. Then the soda had only brought it back to 78. I plan on checking the machine and the batteries to make sure it was simply an errror.

I am anxiously awaiting my OB appt. tomorrow afternoon, as I will have an ultrasound then see the DR. This would be the time period when we find out gender, if possible. We are 18 weeks 5 days today.
"You'll begin to feel your baby move (called "quickening") around 18-22 weeks. It may feel like a light fluttering. " ~WebMD Pregnancy Calendar
My friends think I am so busy that I am not feeling the movements which are usually small about now. I think I feel some here and there, but don't know for sure.
I still have so many reservations, and even try not to 'get my hopes too high'. I know the DR will tell me the odds are so slim and things like that, but I don't believe in odds. When you are often in the 1% category you don't trust odds. So it will be good for me to have the ultrasound.

SO back to the cleaning and house stuff. So much has been going on here. We've been doing some work outside, I even got my first sunburn :S I got some California Poppies to plant and will plant some at my mom's for a surprise, she loves them. Now my kids will be allowed to pick some because they will be on our property. (It is the state flower of California and therefore illegal to pick unless they grow on your property.)
I changed my son to a "transition bed", he's the oldest I've ever had sleeping in a crib, and now we will get jolted out of bed every night for a while when he falls out. I laid a couple of thick blankets down by the side of his bed, so when he does fall it is a cushioned landing. And he has decided he wants to potty train, and has even gone on his first attempts! He has decided the toilet is not scary. :) We are doing more preschool with him and he is really feeling like a big boy.... where has my baby gone?
Moriah is learning much too, and has confidence in her "reading" skills now...... she reads picture stories, it is a good start to reading words. Meanwhile she is learning more letter recognition to get started on word reading. Her drawing skills are really blooming too. A friend just gave me a book for dramatic play to use for Mo, she is a ball of energy and so very creative...she needs an outlet.
Ysabella blew me away last week with her math! The book we use was giving lessons on time: O'clock, a quarter after, half past and a quarter to. She flew through it all really fast. (She is up to sums to 15 and really doesn't like the tediousness of adding and subtracting much, but does well when she applies herself. So it was really different to have math done in 5 minutes!) I was impressed, she can read digital well, but analog is a little trickier at times and though we had studied it previously, I expected her to need my help! Nope.
She has run out of lessons in her Spelling book for this year, so we are now choosing our own words and she thinks this is more fun. I think she is more challenged this way also, as some of the words she was getting in her spelling book were really too easy.
We have frequented the library so much lately, I think they know me by name. But Friday's trip was really exciting as they had their "Friends of the Library Book Sale" and I got 15 books for $1.50. Gabe, I got Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for 10 cents! It was a good day :)

So I think that about brings you up to speed and me up to breakfast!
I should write more soon as the appt. tomorrrow will give us news to share.

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