Monday, December 05, 2011

My Brain

I keep these note books, that I have nicknamed "my brain," though for a year or so I have not been as faithful to take it everywhere and help me stay on track... They have important information, current grocery lists, meal plans, notes from Dr appts or phone calls, and a myriad of other things I jot down.  The most valuable to me are the things the kids do that I just have to write down *now* ~ no leaving it to be forgotten later!
Here is a recent excerpt:
"7pm      Monday, November 28th, 2011
I sit nursing Karissa & attempting to write out meal plans/ shopping lists...
Neno (7 3/4 years) comes into the room ~ six shooters drawn, red construction paper eye brows  and mustache taped to his face ~ and he quotes Yosemite Sam: "I said I was gonna see that high divin' act, and I'm gonna see that high divin' act." which is followed by fake shooting noises and hopping around.  I look to the side to see that Pumpkin (5 years) is "pregnant" with a stuffed toy under her shirt; Brianna (3 years), who is apparently in the same game as Pie ~ who is the mom and Bri is "Mo-Ysa"~ is driving a table to Costco.  Mo (9 2/3 years) is prepping the scene on her cardboard box car; and Ysa (12 years) is trying to fit herself into a pillowcase."

And this with other things tucked away inside these "old brains" that I have, are why I cannot seem to part with them!  They have such funny antics of little people, important things like the days when I wrote down everything I did, so I could see that I did do something! and resolutions like "Why I Clean" and my list of priorities... I could never keep it all in my real brain! ;)

Anyway, I found that story in this one as I got ready (transferring important numbers for Drs from the front of the old one) my new brain and thought you may enjoy the moment with me. :)  Kids are so fun to observe! :) lol
(It is rather funny to hear me ask: "Has anyone seen my brain? and have every one respond like it is a normal thing to ask & look for!)

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