Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If ever you needed to know where your issues lie.....

Look to your children!

Amazing how much of our own sinful, horrid nature we can see in the little replicas of mom and dad running about the house!
I re-read my last post and thought... man! I am always working in the same areas! I sure hope there's been some progress along the way!!! And I guess that brings me back to the kids...
How many times have you had to say "Wash your hands after using the bathroom." or "Don't touch that! It could hurt you!" to your kid before they just did what was right?
Once? No? Well, twice then? hmm guess not...
I guess as God's child He can keep working on the same thing as long as it takes me to get it! and as usual He is much more understanding and patient with me than I am.

Tonight I heard one of my kids yell at another... I know that's not shocking, being kids, but it was the way it was done. Ouch! That sounded like me lately! :\ I could tell God was poking my conscience and saying, you know... We may need to work on that a bit, huh.
So that will have to be my latest project... listening closely to myself, and keeping my mouth shut.

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