Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"5 minutes late, dead along side the road"

Quote my Mom about how quickly we jump to bad conclusions.

Today I didn't get my usual afternoon call from my honey, who needed to get gas and stop by a parts store before returning home. Usually when there are after work stops he calls on his way, no such call.
Worry starts to set in.
Finally I prayed for an answer in 15 minutes, or I call him, and set a timer thinking I'd stop worrying.
I should know me better!
Shaking, I prayed again, at two minute intervals, to be delivered from negative thoughts, taking each one captive, but, sadly, not before allowing them to influence me.
Please, LORD, help me to be ruled by You and not by my fears!
Deap breath.
I called,
"You'll be home soon then.
I Love You!"

Nothing like a vision of life without the one you love, even if a breif nightmare, to remind you of their worth in your own life. And to make sure you let them know, while you can.

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