Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's about time

Aliyah had surgery on her right kidney on November 8th.

Everything went well and, now that we have a little water under the bridge, we believe that the kidney is functioning.
But then there's the left side. It has continued to grow and is now "moderate to severe" hydronephrosis.
At our last appt. on the 11th of December, Dr requested another Isotope Renal Scan (nuclear test) and follow up appt....... before Christmas!
Well, so much for that! The appt. people are unable to get us in until mid-January so far and that is without the follow up appt with Dr afterward.
She seemed a little ticked when I was asking about all of the details and how they were not what DR asked for, but that's my job right. Not to tick her off, but to keep up on the details of my child's health!?! Right?

It is possible that she will need surgery on the left side. Bummer.
We will know more when we finally get the test done and read to us.
Thank you anyone out there praying for my baby.

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