Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tough stuff

Life has been full lately.
Last week we had a funeral for Tony, a 1st birthday party for my nephew Isaiah, and a trip down to Children's Hospital for Aliyah Sunday to Monday.

Her test wasn't so hard for her, but the preps were! She needed an IV and it took 4 tries! She has 3 brusies! The cathiter was no picinic, but not as terrible as the IV! She was so worn out that she slept thru the whole test. Daddy and Mommy got to watch her light up the screen as she was radioactive.

She will need surgery. We will be back down at Children's to have that done next Wednesday.
It was a shock to be having it so soon! I thought I'd have a chance to process it before schedualing! She has to stay at least 2 nights and I will room in, but Daddy will stay at a hotel across the street.

I will be glad when all of this is over and she is healed!

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