Tuesday, October 03, 2006

so much more

"We were meant to live for so much more"

Yesterday we were given the terrible news a dear friend, like a brother, commit suicide.

He must have been drunk to do it the way he did. In front of his fiance, on his knees in a room in their house, he shot himself in the heart. He hadn't acted as tho something was wrong, they ate dinner together Sunday night, cleared the dishes and he said, "I'm tired of living with the pain." (He had back surgery 6 years ago or so and had been living with pain since.) Then he went into the other room, got down on his knees, his fiance followed him so he told her leave. She said no, and he pulled the trigger anyway. That's the story we have heard.

It's so hard to grasp. I can't seem to bend my mind around this one.

Usually people wonder what they could've done
I don't feel that way since we are states away, but I do wish I knew more how to help the rest of the family!

If you are thinking of hurting yourself, please talk to someone!
Wheather or not you realize it, you'll be hurting more than just yourself.


SwampHag said...

I am so sorry for all involved, to lose someone in this way. I can't even imagine how this will impact his fiance.

I happen to know of a good message board for grief and loss support and the people there may be able to help you help your family.


Monica said...

Thank you. I will add the link to my post.

Monica said...

It wont let me add it. arg.:\
So people will just have to cut and paste.